The technology behind the nitrided screw barrel

Nitriding screw barrel: it is a screw after heat treatment - nitriding.

The steel used for nitriding screw barrel is generally 38CrMoAl.

The processing of nitriding screw is a plastic mechanical screw made by lathe, which is put into nitriding furnace and filled with nitrogen at a certain temperature and humidity. After a certain nitriding cycle, a nitriding layer with high hardness is formed on the surface of the screw. In this way, the wear resistance and durability of the screw are improved.

The nitriding screw barrel is redesigned and manufactured for the special screw and sol barrel (barrel) required by injection molding, extrusion, rubber, rubber machine and other products, so as to ensure the end users' demand for improving product quality, reducing production cost and creating greater value.