The feature of the extruder

One of the characteristics of modern extruders is to develop in the direction of energy saving. One of the important measures to reduce the cost of aluminum products is energy saving. The power of extruder is quite large, and energy saving has naturally become the first choice for entrepreneurs. Mingsheng machinery independently developed by adopting servo system energy-saving control and optimizing the design of hydraulic circuit to reduce the power consumption of aluminum in the extrusion process. Its principle and advantages are as follows:

(1) (extruder parts)The existing extrusion power control mode is to use 6-pole or 4-pole constant speed AC asynchronous motor to drive variable piston pump and vane pump. The variable displacement piston pump changes the variable mechanism of the oil pump according to the needs of extrusion speed to realize the speed regulation function; The vane pump provides auxiliary action and requires hydraulic drive. It has the following disadvantages:
① The host will generate reactive work in standby.
② The actual working time of vane pump when providing auxiliary action in each extrusion cycle is only about ten seconds. The oil is returned through overflow in the rest of the time, which will consume a certain amount of electric energy.
③ The service life of the oil pump will be shortened if it works or idles for a long time.
④ When the main engine is in standby and the motor and oil pump are idling, the hydraulic oil will generate heat.