EJS is celebrating 2022 Labor Holiday from April 30 till May 04.

Without labor, nothing prospers.

EJS cherishes every staff we have, it’s their dedication and motivation keeping the company growing in the right direction in all these years, from generation to generation.

There is an old saying in China” Diligent work is the only way to become rich”. Without hard working, nothing great will happen. 

Work Hard, Work Smart, Work Heartfully. Enjoy your LABOR HOLIDAY!
No matter which workshop you are working, twin screw barrel,or single screw barrel, you are a part of our big family!

P.s. EJS Sales Team will stay available via email / Mobile Phone /WhatsApp. Please be free to contact your representative to stay updated on any requests. In case of an emergency, please call +86 1588 852 8909 or +86 137 3615 8017 or email to sales@ejsscrewbarrel.com, thank you)